Wendee Holtcamp
The Bahama Mamas Christmas Adventure

It’s not easy to get me on a plane, but this has been an extraordinary year for both of us. My divorce was final in April, and Daline received papers finalizing hers a few days ago. In November, I called her up, “Let’s get away for Christmas. Let’s go to the Caribbean.” It had the aquamarine ocean color I fell in love with in Australia, the water I had always wanted to show my husband. On our ten-year anniversary, when we still hadn’t made it to see the aquamarine ocean, I asked him to plan a vacation to Key West or the Caribbean because I was too busy with school to plan it. He never did, and the failure was significant to me.

The Bahama Mamas

The demise of a marriage, which is supposed to be a permanent shrine of undying love and commitment, can never be summed in a few words, but if it could I would say I gave up the desire for passion and spirit and freedom for a sense of stability and love. In the end, I found I wasn't able to make that sacrifice.

“You know, Daline,” I turn to my friend, “men may come and go, but friends are the true soul mates.” Lest I be attributed something so profound, I tell her it’s something I heard on a Sex and the City episode. Daline and I share these insights into our relationships as we fly toward something tangible: a honeymoon of sorts, a honeymoon of marriage to the idea of fully living life and being true to one’s self.

Windsurfing - there's a first time for everything. I loved it!

The Bahama Mama Caribbean Dance!
Cent, five cent, ten cent, dolla!

Pink Toenails

Yoga in the morning

Snorkeling in the freezng-a** cold (but beautiful) water

Daline's feet

Daline in her "doo-rag"

Conch chowder


Palm tree at dusk

I did not make it very far but Daline scaled the rock wall like spiderwoman

Rose Island

At long last - pink Toenails in the finally-hot hot tub

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