Wendee Holtcamp
Photography: Ecuador

Bosque Cerro Blanco

Bosque Cerro Blanco is a 6,000 acre plus reserve of dry tropical forest a few miles outside Ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil. The reserve was set aside by the cement factory (which is adjacent) in cooperation with the government to save habitat for the endangered Guayaquil green macaw. The reserve is directed by a former Peace Corps volunteer, Eric Von Horstman, and besides being a center for education of schoolchildren and a place for biologists to conduct research, they have created a tree farm and they use the trees to reforest parts of the reserve, and they have a wildlife center that houses monkeys, macaws and other species. Many of the macaws were formerly pets. It rained on us while we did our hike so I didn't get any photos out in the reserve itself.

Capuchin monkey.

A couple of capuchins calling out.

Hanging out.

Great green macaw.

Another view of the macaw.

This is a parrot but I don't remember what species.

They had many javelina in one pen.

Another shot of the javelina.

A toucan.

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