Wendee Holtcamp
Photography: Galapagos Islands

Day 6: Bartolome Island

On this day, we also visited Santiago Island but I forgot my camera! In the afternoon, we went to the tiny island of Bartolome just to the east of Santiago, where we climbed up a series of steep steps to a lookout where we had a great view of Pinnacle Rock at sunset. Unfortunately, most of the photos did not turn out well because the sun sets in the wrong direction for good sunset photos and also there was a piece of fuzz on my camera lens!

I also include here some photos of Sally lightfoot crabs from day 2 on Santa Cruz Island's Bachas Beach because I'd run out of space in that page and had some extra here.

This was a girl on another tour playing in the volcanic ash dirt and she was just so cute.

A view of Pinnacle Rock

One of our naturalist guides, Andres

Sunset over Pinnacle Rock.jpg

Lava cactus colonizes the bare lava.
Just a little bit phallic!

A nearly full moon rises over the sea.

The Sally lightfoot crabs are very colorful!

The crabs are one of my favorites, because I am a "crab" - a Cancer!

Several on a rock.

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